Reiki Workshops

Sunday  2nd February 2020   1.30pm

These are held monthly to allow new and experienced healers to come together to deepen their knowledge, give and receive treatments and make new Reiki friends. This is open to all Reiki healers, all are welcome.

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Reiki Training Schedule

Certificated Reiki II Course              Saturday 18th January 2020

Certificated Reiki I Course               Saturday 1st February 2020

Reiki Workshop                                 Sunday  2nd February 2020 …  1.30pm                       

Reiki I –   This level is intended firstly, and most importantly, for personal development and transformation through learning to self treat, and reiki_symbolsecondly learning  to treat family and friends.  The training will be carried out over approx  9 hrs.  A course  manual will be given, tea & coffee provided and on completion you will receive a certificate.

Topics covered:        History of Reiki

                                What Reiki is & how it can be used

                                The Reiki Principle

                                Learn the hand positions for self treatments & treating others

                                Receive Attunement

                                Practical work

Cost – £120    A non-refundable deposit of £30 will secure your place. The balance should be paid either before the course or on the day.


Reiki II  –  This level opens the healer to a higher vibration of energy and introduces three ancient Sanskrit symbols. These symbols work on the emotional/mental levels of our Being.  We also learn to use the symbols in ‘Absentee Healing’. As above, this level is taught over 9 hrs.  A course manual is provided and a certificate awarded on completion of the course.

Cost – £130    A non-refundable deposit of £30 will secure your place. The balance should be paid either before the course or on the day.


Reiki III – Graduate – Attunement to this level completes the Usui Natural Healing System and introduces the ‘Master’ symbol plus two   other healing symbols.   This level connects us to the Devine Spark within, working at the spiritual level. 

Cost – £140 – Usually taught over one full day.  A course manual is given and a certificate awarded on completion of the course. A £30 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place,  the balance to be paid either before or on the day of course.


Reiki III  – Master Practitioners:

Those who wish to practice Reiki on a professional level will go on to complete Reiki III – Master Practitioner level:    There should be a minimum of 12 months between level one and this level, giving time to be fully familiar with each level of the system.   All aspects of practitioner work will be covered over one additional day (10am – 4pm)

Required before final training day:

A minimum of 6 fully documented case studies will be required – 4 treatments each.   These studies should cover a wide spectrum of symptoms (physical/emotional etc). You will also require to do a series of treatment exchanges with other healers (min of 6) which should also be documented. 

Cost £150:    £30 non-returnable deposit to secure your place, balance to be paid by final training day.

Additional training required:  Counselling/listening skills

                                               First Aid

If you have previously trained in the above and hold a certificate this may be used against your final practitioners certificate (a copy to be required) otherwise you will be required to undertake separate training to obtain the final certificate.  I will be able to supply details of recommended courses on request.

Reiki Teachers Level:   

I believe the teaching of Reiki is very much part of a spiritual path and requires personal commitment.  This would be discussed on an individual basis with myself.