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Giving clients a unique, relaxing and stress free experience

Perfect Balance Studios in Motherwell is a beautifully designed and tranquil studio offering Yoga, Reiki Healing and Hypnotherapy.  Owners Tom and Margo created Perfect Balance with a committed approach to their clients, offering them specialised therapy and relaxation.

All clients visiting the studio are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Both Tom, a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist and Margo, a fully trained Yoga teacher and Reiki Master give their clients a unique, relaxing and stress free experience.

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At Perfect Balance We have an atmosphere which promotes harmony and has its own ambience which allows everyone to enjoy their sessions.

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Through therapy you can revisit repeating patterns, break cycles of behaviour that are no longer helpful to you and live your life in control and empowered.

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At Perfect Balance, Tom can help if..

  • You are uncertain and find it difficult to make decisions
  • Have had Bereavement and loss of a loved one.
  • You can’t let go of the past
  • You are feeling stressed or anxious
  • You perceive yourself to have Poor self-image, low self-esteem, or no confidence
  • You want to make significant life changes
  • Maybe you use alcohol to self-medicate and make those unpleasant feelings go away.
  • You have been diagnosed with depression
  • You have a sense of loss of direction
  • A relationship feels unfulfilling
  • You are going through a divorce or separation
  • Feeling unsettled, or uncertain about your sexual identity


Qualified in the following areas..

  • Life Foundation School of Therapeutics – 3 Year Course – DY.Dip
  • Graduate of the Diana Cooper School of Angels And Ascension
  • Certificate on Nutrition with School of Natural Health Sciences
  • Diploma BSY – Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teaching
  • Relaxation Therapist
  • Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Crystal Therapist
  • Qualified and Certificated Callanetics Teacher

What We Do

Hypnotherapy | Reiki | Yoga

Perfect Balance Studio offers Yoga & Callanetics classes, Reiki Healing & Classes, Crystal Therapy & Hypnotherapy to treat numerous issues & problems which affect your life.