Fear of flying

Fear of flying didn’t used to be such a problem, but with the availability of cheap flights, and the increased requirement to travel for business and pleasure, more and more people are looking for help overcoming the anxiety they feel when flying. Having a fear of flying can often interfere with holidays or business travel and lead to an individual avoiding a career involving travel or a family holiday abroad.

This fear can manifest itself in various ways

  • Panic Attacks
  • Racing Heart Beat
  • Hyperventilating
  • Dry Mouth
  • Sweating
  • Worrying
  • Tensing of the muscles
  • Fear of flying can affect anyone

    This can start even before the flight itself and can commence as you are travelling toward the airport and increasing with each encounter of the journey towards the commencement of the flight. Turbulence, claustrophobia and anxiety around odd noises and movement can make air travel very uncomfortable and unpleasant for anyone who suffers from ‘Fear of Flying’. Yet fear of flying can affect anyone, regardless of age, status, gender and intelligence, and is not a sign of weakness.

    Overcome your fears

    The good news is that there are techniques that can access the subconscious mind to enable a sufferer to overcome their fear of flying and in some cases even make flying a pleasurable activity.

    There are some common causes around the Fear of Flying as it can be a learned fear, which may stem from childhood (perhaps if the individual’s parents showed fear) or could have developed after experiencing a particularly terrifying experience (such as bad turbulence or the plane having to make an emergency landing). Fear of flying may also be caused by other fears and phobias such as claustrophobia, fear of heights or agoraphobia. Misunderstandings of the principles of aviation can fuel a fear of flying too.

    Treatment for fear of flying

    Using Hypnotherapy Techniques, NLP and EFT I am able to help you overcome your fear of flying and make you very proud of yourself as you conquer and control this debilitating problem. This is done by using relaxation techniques and retraining your unconscious mind to reduce the irrational fear to an acceptable level whereby you no longer dread taking a flight and only consider it as another part of the safe journey.

    This is usually completed for most people over two sessions where the use of Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT will allow you to control that fear of flying and so the next time you are on board an aircraft you will feel a lot happier, safer and much more confident and comfortable.

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