How hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking

It seems year on year the facts regarding the long-term effects of smoking become more and more grim. The links to severe and terminal conditions like lung cancer and heart disease and now very real, meaning that quitting smoking for good is now a high priority for many. However, quitting smoking is far easier said than done, as many smokers seem to fall at the first hurdle. Hypnotherapy has changed the way people quit smoking. It activates an altered state of consciousness within an individual, relaxing them and making them more open to suggestion.

Why is hypnosis effective?

IMG_20160825_093908You would have noticed as someone trying to quite smoking, that many so-called “stop smoking tools” have strong chemical implications. Hypnotherapy is different, as it uses the power of positive suggestion to help you pack in the habit for good. It can strengthen your will power to resist smoking, along with reaffirming your determination to quit for once and for all. When you choose hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking, you no longer need the chemical elements to help you ditch those pesky cigarettes.

What will hypnosis do?

Through an extended hypnotherapy session, you will see your attitude towards smoking change for the better. You will discover a newfound desire to stop smoking, as hypnotherapy will build your motivation levels by locating legitimate reasons to give up within you. It will address the issues that have stopped you quitting in the past as well, breaking down the personal connections you have or may have had towards smoking. Lastly, as a key element of a hypnosis programme, the values of quitting will be cemented into your subconscious in order to help prevent future relapse. What makes hypnotherapy different from all the other forms of stop smoking tools is its ability to ingrain the true reasons as to why you should quit into your mind-set. Simply put, hypnotherapy will reprogramme you to think about smoking differently.

Is it suitable for me?

The answer to this question is almost always yes. Anyone, no matter of his or her level of addiction, can be hypnotised with quitting smoking in mind. Everyone has the subconscious power to absorb information in order to create positive and beneficial changes within their lives. If you are looking to quit smoking and forever ditch those nicotine infused quit smoking aids, then hypnotherapy is a positive and proven way to stub out smoking permanently.

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