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Perfect Balance Studios in Motherwell is a beautifully designed and tranquil studio offering Yoga, Reiki Healing and Hypnotherapy.  Owners Tom and Margo created Perfect Balance with a committed approach to their clients, offering them specialised therapy and relaxation.  All clients visiting the studio are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Both Tom, a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist and Margo, a fully trained Yoga teacher and Reiki Master give their clients a unique, relaxing and stress free experience.

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Crystal Workshop

Crystal Workshop Saturday 19th August 2017 10.00am - 12.00pm An Introduction to Creating Crystal Grids Grids are an Ancient, time-honoured way to contain and build the Power of

Joint Demonstration of Psychic Healing and Mediumship

Friday 25th August 2017 ...  7.30pm Join Psychic Surgeon and Trance Healer Chris Ratter and Spiritual Medium Barry Hogg in this joint demonstration of mediumship and trance healing

Beginners Yoga Course August 2017

Our next Six Week Beginners Yoga Course begins on 7th August 2017 at 7.30pm for six consecutive Mondays.  Over the six weeks we will cover Breathing Techniques, Alignment


This is Perfect Balance's chosen Charity for 2017 and we hope that you will continue to give your support towards aiding these poor unfortunate animals. We are specifically

Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare from Independent Ambassador Margo We love animals and care about their welfare, so we will never test on them or cause them distress by using derivatives such as lanolin, beeswax or honey. Our

Angel Workshop

ANGELS Angels are all around us, they are our spiritual helpers. They are happy to help in a variety of ways,so long as it is for

Reiki Courses and Workshops

Reiki is a form of hands on healing which works on the body, mind and spirit by stimulating its own natural healing abilities.  Reiki’s gentle energy may be

Meditation & Relaxation Class

MEDITATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS It provides a tool to harness and control the greatest source of power we possess – the mind. The practice of yoga

Hypnotherapy and how it can help you stop smoking

It seems year on year the facts regarding the long-term effects of smoking become more and more grim. The links to severe and terminal conditions like lung cancer

Achieve your weight loss goals with Hypnotherapy

There are very few tasks in life tougher than trying to lose weight. Depending on how much you have to lose, it could go from being tough to

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Perfect Balance Studio is located in Motherwell, Lanarkshire

Call us on 07508 491793 and discuss your needs, we are always happy to help you whatever level of treatment you require.